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Stump Removal Bucket


The EDGE Stump Removal Bucket is ideal for quick and efficient removal of tree stumps and roots. Three 23-Series cast steel teeth dig deep under roots. With a tilt of the quick attach, side teeth on the bucket cut through stubborn roots.

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Technical Specifications:

  • Model: SRB57
  • Overall Length(in/mm): 62.5/1587.5
  • Overall Width(in/mm)(ft³/m³): 46/1168
  • Height (in/mm): 20/508
  • Depth(in/mm): 57/1448
  • Cutting Edge Point Width(in/mm): 16.5/419
  • Bucket Tip Width (in/mm)14.5/368
  • Wt.(lbs)372.0

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