• The Blue Diamond Hinged Deck Hybrid Brush Cutter gives you the best of both worlds. This unit has the safety of a closed front unit, and allows the deck to move up and out of the way when necessary to expose the blades for heavy brush cutting! The unit also features heavier deck reinforcements in multiple places, and a full front chain curtain to contain flying debris. It is available in low flow and high flow. This is the most versatile brush cutter on the market today! Cuts grass incredible yet when it comes to 6″ material there is no hesitation! Don’t limit yourself with a lesser quality brush cutter. Features include: 3.5″ forged one piece drive shaft supported by dual roller bearings packed in grease external cross port relief valves and brake extensive deck reinforcements 4 double edged blades 10″ deck clearance and drop down blades provides cleaner cutting Applications: Grass and pasture mowing heavy brush cutting up to 6″ material
  • This brutal grapple comes from years of input from demolition contractors and recyclers. The Severe duty model combines features from our demolition series, our extreme duty model and some new features to offer one of the most effective and durable grapple buckets in the industry. The bolt-on-sides allows the operator to contain more material if needed or remove them for handling longer products like pipe or trees. The pivot points are designed for the heavy continuous use seen in large recycling and scrap metal facilities. The pivot pins are 1.25 diameter and are housed in bushings with grease fittings. The upper clamps use 2 heavy gauge cross members and solid plate protects the bottom of the cylinder. The no pinch hose routing will help prevent downtime from crushed hoses. Other areas given special attention in this model were the cylinder tower construction and the floor of the grapple. These two areas are high impact areas in this application. The floor is heavily reinforced with braces underneath that transfer the impact to the rear cross tube. Applications: Demolition Recycling Transfer stations Tree work or wood processing Industrial use
  • The extreme duty grapple bucket is designed for heavy industrial use. Featuring one of the strongest floors of any grapple bucket and extreme clamping pressure, this grapple bucket is a favorite among demo contractors and recycling facilities. A bolt-on edge is available to give protection to the welded in edge, and steel covers to protect all lines and cylinders.
  • The Blue Diamond Open Front Extreme Duty brush cutter is not only a brutal machine in mowing up to 6″ to 8″ brush, yet cuts grass better than any of its competitors. Why limit yourself to doing one or the other? You don’t have to sacrifice any performance to be versatile! Find out why the Blue Diamond Brush cutter is the most popular brush cutter in the industry! The extreme duty open front brush cutter is a high-powered, low flow or H-flow, direct drive unit with a 2-year warranty. The purpose built hydraulic motor drives a 3.5” forged one piece drive spindle with a LIFETIME warranty against breakage ! that is housed in 2 massive bearings. The direct drive bearing carrier is now grease packed versus oil and can be greased from a zerk under the hood. This new improvement has dramatically reduced down time and bearing failures! Under the deck, instead of a spline shaft, it has a 13” x 1” flange with 10 3/4″ bolts connecting the blade carrier. The wire protection kit between the deck and the blade carrier keeps fence wire and vines away from the lower bearing seal and reduces down time from hidden debris. This powerful yet quiet cutter will produce a cleaner cut at a quicker travel speed than was thought possible on a low flow skid steer. The 10” deck clearance and the raised back allow cut debris to escape and to easily avoid bunching under the deck. 3.5″ (at bearing, 4″ at seal) forged one piece spindle is the toughest in the industry. We have yet to see one break! Grease filled drive dramatically improves bearing life and down time due to seal damage Custom purpose built motor and relief block out last industry standard motors External cross-port reliefs protect motor versus internal relief valves fully enclosed motor compartment keeps out the debris that causes overheat issues, esppesially see in new Teir 4 version machines. No rear roller to bounce off stumps or pull cut debris along. Open design allows smoother operation bi-directional cutting allows control of the discharge angle as well as doubles the use of the blades
  • Blue Diamond's Extreme Duty stump bucket is the original, most effective and versatile stump bucket on the market. Now the new Severe Duty stump bucket gives Blue Diamond the absolute heaviest duty stump bucket in the industry! The long profile and curved bottom make quick work of large stumps and can pry up rocks with ease. It reaches far under the stump and tears the roots with the teeth located on the side of the bucket. Other uses for this skid steer stump bucket include prying up old fence posts, removing sidewalks and asphalt, and digging ditches and swales. This Brutal bucket is like having a crowbar on the front of your skid steer! Severe duty feature include: 443 lbs. 3 year warranty! Cast # 230 replaceable teeth 4″ square tube formed bottom with 1″ x 8″ cutting edge NEW chain slot tie downs for securing stumps for transfer Extreme duty features include: 392 lbs 2 year warranty! Cast # 230 replaceable teeth 3″ square tube Fabricated bottom with 1″ x 8″ cutting edge
  • auger-heavy-duty
    Auger - Heavy Duty Blue Diamond's heavy duty planetary auger drives are an economical option that offer the top-notch quality our customers expect and deserve. This unit comes in 3 models to cover most flow ratings in the skid steer and tractor market. The durable housing, the hex shaft, and the 4-year warranty make it a great attachment to own. The dual swinging knuckle keeps the auger vertical even when your machine is on uneven ground and a loop on the quick attach keeps the hoses out of the pinch point.
  • This highly technical blade brings a number of features together in one blade to bring a new industry leader to the market! Based on the previous model Pro series snow blade, the added functions bring more functionality to an already popular blade. By adding the trip lockout we have been able to eliminate our previous multi-purpose blade and replace it with this new hybrid. The added Oscillation allows the blade to follow the contour of the ground very effectively and it can be locked out if needed for scraping or grading. The variable down pressure design assists by keeping all 4 wheels on the ground, therefore providing better traction for heavy pushing. The steep angling feature and the tight roll of this blade combine to provide very high performance in snow, especially when doing long runs. Call today for more information! NEW 2017 MODELS HAVE 35 DEGREE ANGLE!! Blade options
    Width Height Weight Full Angle Width
    60″ 30″ 515 lbs. 49.2″
    72″ 30″ 560 lbs. 59″
    84″ 30″ 605 lbs. 68.8″
    96″ 30″ 650 lbs. 78.6″
  • The Blue Diamond bale squeeze is an excellent alternative to a bale spear, especially when using wrapped bales. This versatile skid-steer and tractor attachment can pick up bales sitting flat or on their side. It opens to 72″ at the tips, handling round hay bales up to 60″ wide. FEATURES: Equalizer bar comes standard Hoses and flat face couplers included Handles up to 60″ hay bales
  • The Blue Diamond skid steer backhoe attachment is a quick and easy way to dig trenches with a skid steer. This powerful unit uses the biggest cylinder in the industry and the largest bucket capacity. The linkage geometry gives exceptional bucket rotation and breakout force. When the bucket is fully extended the overall length is 8′ and it can dig a 6′ depth. This brutally powerful attachment will outperform other backhoes both in production and strength. The side pin #230 cast teeth are replaceable and the bucket options range from a 9″ width to a 24″ width. Features: quick off and on machine no specific machine requirements easy to operate requires no electrical hookups
  • Manufactured with all American-made components and a tried-and-proven design. We are so confident in this auger that we offer an industry-leading, 6-year warranty. High-quality, robotic uniform welds further strengthen the high torque of the planetary drive unit, which provides maximum reliability and longevity. Whether you work in soft ground or solid rock, the Blue Diamond Auger is the one you can count on!
  • This 3 Point Conversion Adapter allows you to use your 3 point farm tractor attachments on your skid steer style universal mount. Great for moving or using farm implements that don’t require PTO.