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RS10-55 GEN:2 Telescopic Handler


Rated Lift Capacity (kg): 10,000 lbs. (4536)
Gross Power (kW): 120 hp (89)
Maximum Lift Height (m): 55' 1″ (16.8)
Maximum Forward Reach (m): 41' 2″ (12.6)

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Geh RS10-55 Telehandler Performance
The model RS10-55 GEN:2 is built with high quality components, for long life and superior performance.

Boom tip lift hook option is now available as a factory-installed option or field installed option.
Proven welded box-section telescopic boom design maximizes material lift and placement.
Cylinder design provides one of the fastest cycle times in the industry.
Frame leveling feature adjusts 10-degrees to the left and right, for level operation on uneven terrain.
Internal wet disc brakes provide excellent braking and long life.
Dual-element air filter protects the engine from airborne contaminants, increasing engine performance and longevity.
Standard front outriggers provide increased forward reach capacity.
Operator’s Cabin

The RS10-55 GEN:2 Telescopic Handler features spacious, durable operator stations to maximize comfort and productivity.

Large cab enclosure provides optimal leg room and a spacious operating environment.
ROPS/FOPS canopy is standard equipment; ROPS/FOPS enclosed cab is optional.
Virtually 360-degree visibility increases safety and operating accuracy.
Deluxe high-back seat maximizes operator comfort. Adjustable suspension seat is optional.
Side and rear glass is standard equipment.
Gehl RS10-55 Telehandler Operator Station Controls

Gehl Telehandler 4 Wheel Steering
Three steering modes – 4-wheel, 2-wheel and crab – enhance maneuverability and are easily changed by the flip of a switch.

Tight turning radius of only 13’ 10” (4.22 m) is one of the tightest in its class.
Turning Radius (m) 13’11” (4.24)
Remote Boom Control

The Remote Boom Control option allows operators to control boom and engine functions from outside the cab.

Remote Boom Control can raise/lower and extend/retract the boom, as well as start/stop the engine from the work platform or outside the cab.
Personnel Work Platform (PWP) System allows the use of ANSI/ITSDF B56.6-compliant personnel work platforms for safety and efficiency.
Gehl Telehandler Remote Boom Control

Gehl RS10-55 Engine Access
The RS10-55 GEN:2 Telescopic Handlers provides the power to get work done effectively and efficiently.

Dana four-speed power-shift transmission (4-forward/3-reverse speeds) is easy to operate.
Limited-slip differential in the front axle provides additional traction in muddy and unimproved surfaces.
Transmission clutch cut-out is switchable, and when activated allows faster engine acceleration and more power to the hydraulic system when the brake pedal is depressed.
Manufacturer Cummins
Model QSF 3.8 Tier IV
Power (kW) 120 hp (89)
Maximum Travel Speed (km/hr) 20.1 mph (32.3)
Rated Speed 2,500 rpm

The model RS10-55 GEN:2 has outstanding hydraulic system and control performance.

Dual-function, pilot-assisted joystick is standard equipment.
Optional tri-function, pilot-assisted joystick allows the operator to set fork tilt and auxiliary function speeds.
Boom Tip auxiliary hydraulics are standard to provide power for hydraulic operated attachments.
Auto-leveling feature keeps loads level when raising/lowering the boom.
Pump Type Gear
Total Capacity (L/min) 41.5 gpm (157)
System Pressure (bar) 3,000 psi (207)
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity (L) 45 gal. (170)Hydraulics

Gehl RS10-55 Telehandler Attachment System
There is a tool for every job, and the RS10-55 GEN:2 can power them all. Dynattach® Quick-Attach system allows quick attachment changes with unsurpassed ease.

A Carriages – Masonry, framing and standard carriages available in different widths.
B Rotating Carriage – 48” (1219 mm) and 66” (1676 mm) wide.
C Fork Shift – 50″ (1270 mm) wide.
D Personnel Work Platforms – 180° swing platform and 48” x 50” x 114” (1219 mm x 1270 mm x 2895 mm) platform.
E Swing Carriage – 90° and 180° swing.
F Log and Pipe Grapple.
G Jib Boom – 5′ (1.5 m) with winch and 60′ (18.3 m) cable.
H Truss Boom – 15′ (4.5 m) with optional winch.Gehl RS10-55 GEN:2 Telehandler Boom Hook Attachment System
Boom Tip Lift Hook

This factory-installed option provides a secure lifting point for transporting suspended loads without the use of an additional attachment.
The lift capacity remains the same as a standard carriage, while the quick attachment point increases versatility and reduces downtime.

Plenty of access points and over-sized covers make service and maintenance on the RS10-55 GEN:2 quick and efficient.

Over-sized front cover provides easy access to the hydraulic reservoir and hydraulic pressure ports for service and testing.
Side-mounted fuel tank with battery access and an additional storage compartment.
Lockable rear-side covers located on both sides of the machine slide out of the way to expose the engine for service.
Shorter hoses from main valve to boom provide a compact hose routing, enhancing serviceability.