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  • The R105 is built for efficiency. Super Hi-Power drive chains feature heavy, high-strength construction designed for the most rugged conditions. Longer wheelbase and a low center-of-gravity offer a smooth, stable ride. Hydraloc™ automatic interlock system locks lift, tilt and drive systems when the operator leaves the seat, increasing operator safety. System also engages when the restraint bar is raised or the ignition switch is turned off. Lift arm hydraulic tubes are concealed and protected from the work environment. Rated operating load can be readily increased with the addition of a counterweight. Overall Width (mm) 48.4" (1229) Overall Height to Top of ROPS (mm) 70.3" (1786) Specification Sheet
  • Rated Lift Capacity (kg): 10,000 lbs. (4536) Gross Power (kW): 120 hp (89) Maximum Lift Height (m): 44' 0" (13.4) Maximum Forward Reach (m): 30' 5" (9.3) Specification Sheet/Brochure
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    Rated Operating Capacity with Bucket (kg): 7,275 lbs. (3300) Power (kW): 74 hp (55) Bucket Hinge Pin Height (mm): 136" (3450) Specific ation Sheet/ Brochure
  • The MLT 845 120 is best suited to large-scale farms and the environmental sector. Designed for intense use cycles, the robustness of this handler is enhanced by a 2-part boom and reinforced bridges. The hydrostatic transmission and 2-speed gearbox offer the smoothness and precision you need to make handling operations as efficient as possible every day. Its 121 hp engine comes equipped with controlled consumption mechanisms, and it has a lifting capacity of 4.5 tonnes and a lifting height of 7.55 m, making it a efficient enough for all types of tasks. It can easily adapt to all terrain types thanks to its agricultural tyres and 3 steering modes, with added agility and flexibility due to its compact frame size for a telehandler of its power category.
    • NEW Vertical Lift Path Lift Arm
    • Seat Mounted Pilot Joystick Controls
    • NEW Heavy Duty seat suspension (15% stronger)
    • Full Color 'Line Of Sight' display with large push button switches and new common operator experience controls to the skid loader range
    • Common Emissions Management with Skid/Track Loader Deutz Engine
    • ECO Mode running options for reduced fuel consumption
    • Larger 32.5 gal. fuel tank with 2.7 gal. DEF tank
    • Dual Battery
    • Back-up camera ready
    • and many, many more
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    Rated Lift Capacity (kg): 5,500 lbs. (2495) Gross Power (kW): 69 hp (50.1) Maximum Lift Height (m): 19' 1" (5.8) Maximum Forward Reach (m): 11' 0" (3.4) Specification Sheet/Brochure
  • Finally, a stand-on mower worthy of the Hustler® name. The Super S® features the toughest frame and deck in its category, best-in-class operator comfort and Hustler's signature SmoothTrak™ steering. Highlights Compact stance – great for tight spaces Toughest frame and deck in-category Best-in-class operator comfort and positioning Operator-friendly ergonomic controls 9 mph ground speed Specification Sheet
  • Overview Height to Hinge Pin - Fully Raised (mm): 109.6" (2784) Rated Operating Capacity (kg): 1,350 lbs. (612) Gross Power (kW): 46.3 hp (34.5) Specification Sheet
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    Rated Lift Capacity (kg): 10,000 lbs. (4536) Gross Power (kW): 120 hp (89) Maximum Lift Height (m): 55' 1" (16.8) Maximum Forward Reach (m): 41' 2" (12.6) Specification Sheet/Brochure
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    Rated Lift Capacity (kg): 6,641 lbs. (3012) Gross Power (kW): 65 hp (49) Bucket Hinge Pin Height (mm): 11' 5" (3470) Specification Sheet/ Brochure
  • TMT 55
    The TMT 55 is a truck-mounted forklift equipped with a telescopic boom designed to handle materials where a loading/unloading bay is not available. Boom robustness, engine power and the ability to load and unload lorries from a single side mean you can perform handling tasks even when space is at a premium, such as when the lorry is parked on the side of the road or alongside a wall. The compact dimensions make it particularly popular with logistics professionals, so you can safely make deliveries to customers with no additional exhausting heavy lifting, regardless of delivery site surface conditions or the amount of space available.
  • Brand: Gehl Product Code: V330 Availability: Pre-Order
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    Rated Lift Capacity (kg): 6,000 lbs. (2722) Gross Power (kW): 74 hp (55) Maximum Lift Height (m): 34' 3" (10.4) Maximum Forward Reach (m): 23' 3" (7.0) Specification Sheet/Brochure
  • Super_104
    SKU:Hustler Super 104

    Hustler Super 104

    The Super 104™ is an affordable wide-area mower with the maneuverability of a zero-turn. The Super 104™ can mow up to 84 acres in 8 hours at 10mph and will mow where most wide-area mowers cannot. Highlights Mow a football field in 7 minutes 104" width – only one in its class! Wide area mower with 80" transport width HyperDrive® System Exclusive SmoothTrak™ steering Specification Sheet
  • Height to Hinge Pin - Fully Raised (mm): 119" (3023) Rated Operating Capacity (kg): 1,650 lbs. (748) Gross Power (kW): 69.9 hp (52) Specification Sheet
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    Rated Lift Capacity (kg): 12,000 lbs. (5444) Gross Power (kW): 120 hp (89) Maximum Lift Height (m): 42' 4" (12.9) Maximum Forward Reach (m): 27' 11" (8.5) Specification Sheet/Brochure