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  • Performance

    The Gehl RT210 GEN:2 Compact Track Loader was designed from the ground up...

      • Tier IV-certified Yanmar diesel engines provide 72 hp (53.7 kW)
      • Designed from the ground up, the welded chassis aids in superior weight distribution, which further enhances stability, grading, tractive effort and provides a smoother ride.
      • Flush rear door and angled rear towers provide tight rear clearance radius and excellent visibility.
      • Optional rear bumper/counterweight provides additional protection and towing capability.
      • Thick steel plating and heavy-duty pins and bushing strengthen the loader for extreme-duty work.
      • Electronic engine control and foot throttle allow operation at partial throttle, reducing sound levels and fuel consumption.
      Height to Hinge Pin - Fully Raised (mm) 128" (3251)
  • Performance

    With over 40 years of skid loader manufacturing experience, Gehl has taken performance to the next level with the R260 Skid Loader.
      Net Power (kW) 70.7 hp (52.7)
      Maximum Torque (Nm) 206 ft.-lbs. (279.3)
      Rated Operating Capacity (kg) 2600 lbs. (1179)
      High-Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics (L/min) 35 gpm (132.5)
  • Performance

    The V270 GEN:2 Skid Loader is a product of superior innovation and well thought-out product development.

      • Emissions certified Tier IV engines combine power and efficiency.
      • Self leveling lift action for better control of lifting loads.
      • The chassis aids in superior weight distribution, which further enhances stability.
      • Thick steel plating and heavy-duty pins and bushings make this loader stronger than any other machine in its class.
      • A heavily constructed vertical-lift boom provides substantial forward reach at trailer loading and dumping heights.
      • Electronic engine control and foot throttle allow operation at part throttle, reducing sound levels and fuel consumption.
  • Brand: Gehl Product Code: V330 Availability: Pre-Order
  • Lift Capacity: 2,500 lbs. Engine: Deutz Horse Power: 74.3 hp Lifting Height: 128” Weight: 11,600 lbs.
  • Brand: Gehl Product Code: R150 Availability: In Stock
  • Brand:Gehl Product Code: RT175 Availability: Pre-Order
    • NEW Vertical Lift Path Lift Arm
    • Seat Mounted Pilot Joystick Controls
    • NEW Heavy Duty seat suspension (15% stronger)
    • Full Color 'Line Of Sight' display with large push button switches and new common operator experience controls to the skid loader range
    • Common Emissions Management with Skid/Track Loader Deutz Engine
    • ECO Mode running options for reduced fuel consumption
    • Larger 32.5 gal. fuel tank with 2.7 gal. DEF tank
    • Dual Battery
    • Back-up camera ready
    • and many, many more
  • Brand: Gehl Lift Capacity: 4,000 lbs. Enigne: Cummins Horse Power: 99hp Lifting Height: 144” Weight: 11,100 lbs.
  • Performance

    The 4640E Power2 skid loader is built for efficiency. Super Hi-Power drive chains feature heavy, high-strength construction designed for the most rugged conditions.

    • Longer wheelbase and a low center-of-gravity offer a smooth, stable ride.
    • Hydraloc™ automatic interlock system locks lift, tilt and drive systems when the operator leaves the seat, increasing operator safety. System also engages when the restraint bar is raised or the ignition switch is turned off.
    • Lift arm hydraulic tubes are concealed and protected from the work environment.
    • Rated operating load can be readily increased with the addition of a counterweight.
  • boxer-950HD-compact-utility-loader
    The Boxer 950HD debuts as the most advanced and capable mini-skid steer on the market. The 950HD features the industry’s highest hinge pin height, allowing it to easily dump over a 6′ (1.8-meter) side wall.
  • boxer-600HD-compact-uility-loader
    Powered by a 24.8-HP (18.5-kW) diesel engine and producing 11.3 gpm (43 l/min) of auxiliary hydraulic flow from the single remote auxiliary lines, this new model provides all the power needed for tough jobs.
  • boxer-320-compact-utility-loader
    As part of the 300 Series, the gas-powered 320 offers the power that Boxer has become known for in a smaller package, allowing you to reduce overhead and increase jobsite productivity.
  • The Boxer 700HDX’s unique hydraulically expandable undercarriage — from 35″ (89 cm) to 43.5″ (111 cm) — allows the operator to retract the undercarriage for passages as narrow as 36″ (91 cm) then expand for increased stability by simply pulling or pushing a control lever.
  • boxer-322D-compact-utility-loader
    The small but powerful Boxer 322D can handle “big machine” tasks while providing ease of access as a result of the smaller footprint.
  • The completely restyled and redesigned Boxer 120 Trencher takes gasoline-powered compact trenching equipment to the next level, boasting up to 740 ft-lbs (1,003 N•m) of torque output for ample power in the toughest digging conditions. Specifications